What is Zakynthos and how to get there

What is Zakynthos and how to get there

Zakynthos - Greek Island in the Ionian Sea

In Russia, this island is most often called Закинтос, less commonly used the name Zakinf. In Europe, depending on the country, they call it Zakynthos, sometimes Zante. And in Greek, try to read - Ζάκυνθος. Happened?

When we decided to go to this island, the question arose before us, and how to get there?
After surfing a bit of the Internet and running over all sorts of airline sites, we realized that not a single Russian airline operates direct regular flights to Zakynthos, damn them.

So how do you get there?

There were several ways, of which three are the most optimal:
1) Flight Moscow - Athens, with one transfer for flight Athens - Zakynthos.
2) Flight Moscow - Athens, and then on a rented car to the ferry to the island of Zakynthos.
3) Charter flight Moscow - Zakynthos.


The first method involves the flight of an international regular flight from Moscow to Athens, followed by transfer to the domestic flight Athens - Zakynthos.
This option is more expensive than charter flights, but may be interesting for those tourists, for example, who want to kill two birds with one stone, i.e. and to get to Zakynthos, and in the city of Athens to visit, at least a little, having made a march-throw by taxi from the airport.
The most important thing is not to go for a walk in Athens and return to the airport on time, otherwise you will see your plane board off the ground with an annoying glance at the sky that took off without you. In this semi-final there is only one, albeit small, but still a plus - then there will be something to remember and something to laugh about!

The second method differs from the first only in that at the Athens airport, instead of transferring to a connecting flight, transfer to a rented car and press West of the Peloponnese peninsula towards the port of Killini, from which the ferry goes to Zakynthos. You call on the ferry, and after a while, the coast of the island of Zakynthos. Voila!
This option of delivering yourself and your loved ones to the aforementioned island seems even more interesting to us than the first option. After all, the carriageway, on the mainland and the peninsula, on your rented car - you become not only the driver, but also the scriptwriter of your journey. Your vacation becomes more varied and rich. And how many interesting photos can you take along the way? - Plenty!
This option, or the first, is cheaper - definitely not to answer, because it depends on what class of car you rent, in which particular rental company, and on many other factors, and even on how many people you will be in a car? The greater the number of people in your family (for example, three or four), the more profitable it becomes to rent a car, because You do not spend money on the purchase of three or four tickets at once for a connecting flight Athens to Zakynthos.

The third way is to fly on a charter plane. This is the most commonplace and unremarkable opportunity to be on the island of Zakynthos. Delivery is organized by a tour operator, who must charter a plane on time (that is, hire a ship with a crew) from an airline for wholesale loading and delivery of tourists who buy ready-made tours from this tour operator.
If you decide on a charter flight, then there will be no your initiative during the trip, and there will be no improvisations such as dropping into Athens and feeling the Acropolis. You will simply be taken to ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT, where regular flights from Moscow are not organized. Or ... will not be delivered if the tour operator goes bankrupt or runs off with tourists' money, which sometimes happens in our country, sometimes even with large tour operators.

It was already June in the street, it was 2016. We had to make a decision.
Since the third method turned out to be the cheapest and easiest in terms of a trip, we didn’t become particularly original, turned to a travel agency and flew on a charter flight. Our choice of this option was influenced not only by the cost, but also by the fact that we had not had experience in crooked trips with all kinds of transfers, etc.
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