Without which the tourist will be uncomfortable in Zakynthos

Without which the tourist will be uncomfortable in Zakynthos

To be in Zakynthos and almost all the time to spend on the hotel, relaxing under the scheme "hotel - sea - bar - pool; hotel - sea - bar - swimming pool; ... "- this is not a rest, but a real perversion.

What to do and without what you can’t do on the island, so that your vacation doesn’t turn into a monotonous pastime, when every day you lie on the same beach near the hotel, surrounded by the same landscape, in which you take the same photo, and every day around you the same faces?

- you can move the chaise longue a few steps, lie down again, pull the cap over your eyes - proudly rejoicing in the change of dislocation, and continue your selfie creativity.
Will such actions help? Of course not! Although some, this is exactly how they spend their entire vacation.

- You can buy tickets for some group excursions at the hotel. At the appointed time, an excursion bus will arrive at the hotel, which you will enter not only, but also the same faces that surrounded you on the beach of the hotel. And during the tour, these same faces, all the time will fall into your photo frames. Perhaps among the tourists there will be no guests of your hotel. But this will not change the situation for the better, because instead of some physiognomies - there will be others, and as soon as you want to take a photo on the background of something, the location of the shooting will already be taken by a crowd of fellow travelers who utter the word “cheese”.
In addition to the above, collective trips around the island have a number of other disadvantages. All on schedule. Strictly allotted time, both for the entire route, and for stops at panoramic viewing points for photographing. There is no way to decide where to stay, and where not. Everything is already decided for you by the organizers. You, then run out of the bus at the permission of the guide, then run into it at the request of the guide - like a kindergarten, when everything is with the permission of the teacher, and even on the pot.
Will excursions help diversify your vacation? Yes but not much!

So, why can't a tourist on Zakynthos do without?

The island has many picturesque places and beautiful cozy beaches. All of them do not resemble each other, and each beach is beautiful in its own way. To diversify your vacation, you definitely need to visit them, at least on some! For this you need a car. Without a car, traveling around the island will not be convenient.
Rent a car on Zakynthos - is not any difficulty. Rental companies are located everywhere. It happens that in some even a small village - several car rental offices can get along right away. And there are plenty of people willing to rent a car. And the thing is that the car is the only and most convenient way to move around the island. And in general, the impression is that there are more rented cars on the roads than the personal cars of local residents. If you look closely at passing cars, then many of them have small stickers with the logo of this or that rental company.

We took the car at the airport ZAKYNTHOS, as soon as we arrived. Or rather, booked and paid for it before departure, on the website of the company HERTZ, and to our arrival the car was already waiting for us, a few meters from the exit from the airport. It remains only to pick up the keys to the car at the Hertz stand, throw the suitcases in the trunk, get acquainted with the car, and go!
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