The road from the airport ZAKYNTHOS to the hotel in Argassi, or how to get lost in the three pines

The road from the airport to the hotel, or how to get lost in the three pines

And here we are in Greece, on the island of Zakynthos. Satisfied and joyful! But so far we have not left the airport parking.

Before flying out of Moscow, we google a little google map of Zakynthos. It turned out that the hotel "Locanda", in which we had to check in, is about 5 kilometers away from ZAKYNTHOS airport, and on the way we will need to make only a few miserable turns. We will find the settlement of Argassi, and in it we will find our hotel. Ride - just spit!

We drove off

A spouse is driving, I am a navigator-type clerk, and my daughter is given the honorary role of a parasite in the backseat of a car.

Just a few minutes drive to us came the realization that we were going somewhere not there. We are lost. And we lost our way because instead of following the road, our attention was constantly distracted by what was out of the way. We were distracted by everything we saw. We couldn’t even glance at any nonsense that we normally would have in our homeland, and then, once in Greece, we were so curious that during the movement, we began to scan everything that we had time to see while partially forgetting the main thing - about the route.
Does this seem strange to you? Us now too! But at that moment everything was interesting to us, how everything is arranged around and how it looks, because we were in Greece for the first time, and besides, we ourselves were driving.

Navigator, we have not included. It seemed to us that the hotel was somewhere very close, that we were just approaching it, that it was just a little bit left to go and therefore we could do without a navigator. But it only seemed to us. And without a navigator, we had to poke, then one, then the other way, before we drove in the right direction.

Finally, we reached the village of Argassi, and in it we easily found the Hotel "Locanda".

P.S. If you are the same geeks like us, and you can skip the desired turn, after looking at the landscapes of an unfamiliar country, then turn on the navigator right away so as not to repeat our mistakes.
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