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Mushroom hunting - Satisfaction mushroom pickers

Video: Mushroom hunting with a saw. Such "Satisfaction" mushroom pickers, you have not seen!

In the early morning (July 23, 2019), we left Moscow in the direction of the Vladimir region, for a while to transform into a mushroom picker, wander around in the forest with baskets, breathe fresh air, feed the forest mosquitoes with our blood, and at the same time, if luck smiles on us - to collect many noble mushrooms.

This was our first mushroom hunting trip this year. And therefore, we did not know whether there are mushrooms in the Vladimir region now, are there many or few, or there are no mushrooms at all.

I want to say right away that we went to one of our mushroom places for mushroom hunting, which we tested several times earlier in previous years.
I understand that the phrase "mushroom spot" - for different mushroom pickers can have different weight, numerical or other meanings. Therefore, our mushroom catch please do not judge too harshly. And besides, we perceive mushroom picking not as picking food, but as a rare seasonal hobby, very fascinating, called by many as “silent hunting”.

Are there mushrooms in the forest

We entered the forest. And here is the first find - a white mushroom with a rich color hat.
Hooray! The process has begun.

In search of the following mushrooms, we did not have to walk a lot and for a long time. There are mushrooms in the forest!
Another white, but more modest color.

 And this white mushroom naively thought that they would not find him, since he had covered himself with a needle cloak. But such conspiracy did not help him hide from the legs of a predator.

After some time, another fungus joined the ranks of the mushrooms we caught. It is difficult to call it photogenic, well, okay, anyway, we take it, because it is also white.

 The next white fungus found grew in low grass (in moss), and it was impossible not to notice it. Great contrast on the background of juicy green grass. Picture as if from a fairy tale.
 Nearby was another mushroom of the same species.
We walked a little through the forest. We found another fairy-tale picture, the hero of which was a white mushroom, a strong man with a hat of saturated color.

And then another white one was caught.

And one more …

And finally, on our way, we met the long-awaited boletus (mushroom got its name from a tree - aspen (growing under the aspen)).
Despite the fact that the porcini mushroom is considered a more noble mushroom in relation to the boletus, but personally we like the boletus more. I'm not talking about the taste of these mushrooms. After all, the question now is not about food, but about a mushroom, as about the process of finding and receiving pleasure from this. Boletus (under the aspen) look more interesting than ceps, they are more colorful, their bright beautiful hats are visible from afar, and they are much less likely to be wormy than white ones. 
Further, on the search path, two white teenagers were found. They were just starting their germination. But their youth did not save them from the fate of being collected in a basket.
And here is another white one.
Mushroom hunting spun up to its full potential! But, the heavenly office changes the weather, and it starts to rain from heaven.

And again, the same handsome man, even a little like the previous mushroom. 
 And this porcini mushroom seemed to have built a hut out of branches and foliage to hide from the rain.
The next porcini mushroom that we found definitely did not possess conspiracy skills, and for some reason disguised itself as a bun.

Another white mushroom ...

Another white ...
And again, a white mushroom ...
And further …
And further …
And in this cep, only his head stuck out from under the thickness of crumbling coniferous needles. Having excavated it, such a handsome fat man appeared before us.

Mushroom hunting took its normal course, and on our way there were mushrooms all the time that differed in shape and color, but almost all of them were from the “white” family.

And even this weirdo is also a white mushroom.
White ...
White again ... 
Also white ...
White ...
Young elegant mushroom "birch" (from the word - under a birch tree) ...

White mushroom …

The birch tree ...
Another white mushroom ...

White again ...

Amanita muscaria - poisonous, but so photogenic, bastard! 
And here is another young boletus (the name "under the aspen").
 White ...
The forest ...
And here again a little white flesh.

Polish mushroom. It is also called the Polish cep. While the mushroom is young, it looks more or less tolerable, you can take it. But if it grows a little, it immediately becomes not a Polish mushroom, but Polish shit.

Mushroom picking could be continued, because it turned out that there are mushrooms in this forest! But insidious rain prevented our hunt. We were forced to stop mushroom hunting ahead of schedule.

Here's what we managed to find in a short time. The basket is not gigantic, but it contains only selected mushrooms (not worms), all young, strong, beautiful, and only noble species (almost all porcini mushrooms).

That's all, thanks for watching!
Bye everyone!
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Лариса Лазоркина
Лариса Лазоркина 29 October 2019 10:54
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Грибы надо срезать,а не выдирать с корнями.Это вредительство.Когда корень остается,грибница продолжает расти.
ADMIN (Евгений) 1 November 2019 12:58
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Цитата: Лариса Лазоркина
Грибы надо срезать,а не выдирать с корнями.Это вредительство.Когда корень остается,грибница продолжает расти.
Лариса, здравствуйте!
Если Вы совсем не знаете, что такое грибница и что такое грибы, то посмотрите пожалуйста видео , на котором – самый известный Российский миколог, Михаил Владимирович Вишневский отвечает на избитый «советский» вопрос: СРЫВАТЬ, ВЫКРУЧИВАТЬ или СРЕЗАТЬ? В этом видео Вишневский чётко говорит, что для грибницы это абсолютно без разницы!

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