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Hidden from prying eyes restaurant of the traditional Greek cuisine "The Old Windmill" - (Askos, Zakynthos, Greece)

Leaving the zoo «Askos Stone Park», we got into the car to continue our journey around the island of Zakynthos.
It was very hot outside. The only desire in this weather was - to get to some beach, and run like a rocket into the sea.

Greece, Zakynthos island, restaurant “The Old Windmill” - view from the entrance to Askos Stone Park
But, not having passed even fifty meters from the park, we saw an old, dilapidated stone structure of a cylindrical shape. Earlier, we observed the same rarity from the very territory of the Askos Stone Park, but there was no access to it directly from the park.

And here, from this point, as it seemed to us, there was an opportunity to drive closer to this old structure and examine it.
Suddenly heightened curiosity was hard to refuse, and we drove off the main road to a country road, visually leading to some one-story private house.

Greece, Zakynthos island, The Old Windmill restaurant - view from the exit from the main road


Passing a hundred meters to the object, it became clear that the old stone tower is a dilapidated windmill, but without a roof and blades, and the one-story house modestly standing to the right of the mill turned out to be not the house, but the restaurant The Old Windmill.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - stone mill tower
How many years this mill I do not know. Maybe it was built a long time ago, and maybe just recently. And if she was born only a few decades ago, then by historical standards she is still a baby.
But, regardless of her exact age, in some magical way she draws attention to herself. Here, it seems, is an ordinary stonework, just some kind of a mill, and not a historical object of cultural heritage, but you still want to step up and lean your palm against the wall, the hand stretches towards it.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - stone mill tower
You can walk to the windmill, both to the left of the restaurant (without going into the restaurant) or through the restaurant. For clients of the restaurant there is access to a well-kept backyard, through which you can go to the mill.

Greece, Zakynthos island, The Old Windmill restaurant - view of the tower from the restaurant

A restaurant

The Old Windmill restaurant itself, located 15 meters from the mill (on the right side), is partially located on the side of a mountain, and its panoramic terrace faces the sea.
In front of the entrance there is a fairly spacious parking area for guests of the restaurant. But when we were parking, there was only one car in the parking lot.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant


The backyard of the restaurant is another additional terrace, but completely open, with a canopy in the shade of which guests of the restaurant can lie on hanging hammocks, glamorously sip a cocktail from a straw, gazing into the horizon of the Ionian Sea. Kayf!
There is an exit to the backyard both through the main terrace and through the restaurant.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - Backyard


In the center of the restaurant is a comfortable room with a fireplace. There are no complaints about the interior decoration of the hall. Everything is made with high quality and beautiful. Inside the hall, without any doubt, there is a Greek cosiness in everything, in which every detail of the interior is chosen competently and with taste.
In the hall there was not a single tourist. Probably, the guests of the restaurant are accommodated in the hall only in cool weather. And on hot summer days, everyone prefers not to sit on the terrace.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - Hall
The toilet is in the basement. Descend to it by a spiral staircase, through the hall of the restaurant.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - toilet access


I dare to suggest that the terrace is the most basic and favorite place of all guests of The Old Windmill restaurant. On the one side of the dining tables - a cozy room of the restaurant in the Greek style, and on the other hand - a beautiful panoramic view of the Ionian Sea.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - Terrace
The terrace is glazed from the weather, but the windows are sliding, and in good weather the windows are open. Inside, fresh and comfortable, and protected from the sun's roof, creating a saving shadow.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - TerraceGreece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - Terrace


Restaurant Old Windmill is located in Greece on the island of Zakynthos, in the village of Askos, in a beautiful, quiet and almost deserted area. There are only a few private houses in the village. Nearby there are no noisy objects, hotel complexes, beaches and supermarkets. All around you, you can hear only the sounds of nature and the cry of a rooster, who sharpens the skill of singing, as if he is preparing to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. By rooster, I mean - a natural rooster (poultry), and not Conchita Wurst - the sad mistake of nature.

The only object that could create noise is the road. But there is no noise from her, since the road is 100 meters away from The Old Windmill restaurant, and besides, cars pass extremely rarely along this road, which sometimes seems that nobody knows about this road.
Perhaps it is because of the insignificant distance from the main road - the restaurant is not very noticeable for passing tourists. And therefore in it there are no big heaps of visitors.
For all the time while we were in the restaurant, among the guests, besides us, there was only one family.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant - Satellite ViewShow the coordinates of the restaurant on an interactive map, and get directions.

Advantages and disadvantages

• architectural symbiosis (old mill + restaurant)
• amazing view of the Ionian Sea
• good layout, clean, cozy and comfortable
• friendly and attentive service
• menu: national Greek dishes
• price-quality ratio
• no man-made civilization noise

• We have not detected any faults.


In the restaurant Old Windmill, we were completely random. But we do not regret it at all. If it were not for the old windmill tower, which beckons like a beacon, we would not have noticed this restaurant, since from the side of the main road, from afar, it seems not a restaurant, but an ordinary house.

If you drive through the village of Askos, and you suddenly wake up your appetite, the restaurant The Old Windmill will be a pleasant haven on your trip to the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Greece, Zakynthos Island, The Old Windmill Restaurant
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