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Xigia Sulphur Beach (Koroni, Zakynthos Island, Greece) - Natural Spa with Sulfur Springs and Collagen

Xigia Sulfur beach is located in Greece, on the east coast of the northern part of the island of Zakynthos (Zante), in the area of the village of Koroni. The correct name of the beach is still not clear to us. On different Internet resources, the beach can be called differently. The differences are in the spelling of the English name. For example, on some sites the name “Xigia Sulphur Beach” is indicated, and on others “Xigia Sulfur Beach”. On the sign, which is installed at the entrance to the beach, the word "Sulphur" is used. And on GOOGLE maps, this beach is marked with the word "Sulfur". However, there is no semantic difference in this, because both words in the translation have the same meaning.

How to get there

As far as we know, public transport does not go there, and therefore you can get to Xigia Sulphur Beach only by rented vehicles. We did not see bus stops nearby.
If you go from the capital of the island of Zakynthos, north, towards Askos Stone Park, then passing by Xigia Sulfur Beach, you will not even notice it. It is not visible, because the beach is much lower than the roadway, under the slope of a steep mountain, in a small bay of the Ionian Sea. Those. the beach will be literally under your feet, but it will not be visible, and perhaps you will rush past. And only if you go in the opposite direction, on some stretch of road, on the left side, a fragment of XIGIA beach will appear for a short time.
The main guideline that you drive to the beach will be the fetid smell, intensifying as you approach it.


On the road, parking is also not very noticeable, because separated from the highway by a hedge of shrubs. And even if you see her, you will not immediately understand that parking refers to the beach. If you look at the photo, the road passes over the stone wall of the parking lot, between the bushes and a private house, visible in the background.
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - parkingParking is free. There are plenty of free places. When we arrived, there were only a couple of cars.
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - parkingOn the edge of the parking lot, so to speak - closer to the sea panorama, there is a cafe called "xigia kanteen". It is small, very simple, but quite sufficient to satisfy the simplest but necessary needs of vacationers: drink something, eat ice cream, or have a light bite.

View from above

The parking offers fantastic views of Xigia Sulphur Beach! We arrived there already in the evening, at a time when the sun no longer illuminated the water in the bay. And therefore, our photographs do not convey the beauty of the landscape, and the gorgeous color of the water on the beach, as it all looks on a sunny day. But even in such low light - an amazing view!
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - beach view from the parking lot
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - beach view from the parking lotGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - before going down to the beachGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - before going down to the beach
On the right side of the old decorative boat, there is a light structure in the form of an uncomplicated booth - this is a toilet, just in case. And on the left side are the long-awaited stone steps leading down a steep descent to the beautiful Xigia Sulfur Beach.


The beach is pebble. It is small in size, but beautiful and comfortable. There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, they are paid. There are several of them on the beach, but this is logical, because the size of the beach is not larger than the above parking lot. It monitors this economy and collects bribes only one person. His modest "office hut" is located in a corner of the beach. He maintains cleanliness on the beach.
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - entrance to the sea
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - entrance to the seaGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - entrance to the seaGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - entrance to the seaGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - entrance to the sea
The beach, although small, but spacious, because there are practically no people on it. This idyll is ensured by the lack of hotels in the vicinity of Xigia Sulphur Beach. In the nearest district there are not even crowded villages. And therefore, in this place of the island of Zante there are almost no tourists. And shuttle buses from the capital Zakynthos do not seem to go there. And isolated people on the beach are those who arrived in a rented car. In a word, Idyll!


It is better to go into the sea in special rubber slippers so as not to get hurt, because the bottom is rocky and with an unpredictable relief. The entrance to the water is steep.
In this area of the island of Zakynthos, just a few meters from the coast, the depth of the Ionian Sea can reach tens of meters. Because of this, the water on Xigia Sulfur Beach warms slightly. It will be cold for especially heat-loving individuals to enter such water, out of habit.
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - sea
Greece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - seaGreece, Zakynthos Island, Xigia Sulphur Beach - sea
The water in this area is enriched with sulfur. Because of this, the sea has an unusual pronounced whitish hue. Sulfur particles are visible near. If you look at the water, you will see very small impurities, similar to turbidity, but in reality - these are the smallest particles of undissolved sulfur. It is for this reason, because of the sulfur springs, on Xigia Sulphur Beach, and within a radius of 500 meters from it, there is a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, or rather the smell of rotten eggs.
Getting used to such a smell seems difficult at first glance. But in reality this is not so, and after ten minutes you get used to the smell and even cease to feel it.

Attention! Some small, but very bold fish are found in the water. They are not visible in the muddy sulfur water, but they see you. And if you have a wound on your legs or other parts of the body, or a dried sore, or an appetizing (from her point of view) convex, birthmark mole, then this fish will definitely try to tear it from you. Swims, abruptly pulls her lips with her, and probably eats. This happens unexpectedly, instantly and painfully unpleasantly. And what is disgusting, this insolent is not visible at all in the whitish water.
Therefore, if you have something that a fish can bite off of you, then do not stand still in the water, move - it helps 100%! Verified by personal experience.

Note: Please note that there is no freshwater shower on Xigia Sulfur Beach. And if you are planning to immediately drop off after the beach somewhere for shopping or in a restaurant, we recommend that you first drive to another nearby beach with a shower in order to wash yourself off from the stinky smell. Even without a shower, you won’t already feel the soaked smell from your skin and hair, but there will be strangers and they will look at you like rotten walking eggs.

Sulfur springs in sea water have a beneficial effect on human skin. That is why the sign at the entrance to the beach "Xigia Sulphur Beach" says "spa with sulfur springs and collagen".

Advantages and disadvantages

• small but very beautiful cozy beach
• few people on the beach
• seawater with healing properties, enriched with sulfur
• availability of free free parking nearby
• there is a small cafe and toilet (in the parking lot)

• there is no shower to wash off the smell of rotten eggs

Xigia Sulfur Beach coordinates on an interactive map • Get directions


Xigia Sulphur Beach is a wonderful Greek beach, with amazing views, located in a quiet area of Koroni, surrounded by beautiful nature. If you are on the island of Zakynthos, then you should definitely visit this beach.

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