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Hunting for ONE-LEGGED forest inhabitants

You can go hunting to time-tested places from where you won’t return home without trophies. But sometimes you want something new, change your geolocation and huntone-legged forest inhabitants in a previously unfamiliar area. That's what we did, pointed our finger at the map, and off we went.
To our surprise, the forest we arrived in turned out to be so remote and deserted that even we ourselves could not believe that this was possible, because it is located in the Moscow region, not far from Moscow.
But the most interesting thing about this forest is that even in drought, Leccinum grows in it! The ground is absolutely dry, fallen leaves and branches crunch from dryness underfoot, and the “One-legged” grow and feel quite well. There are even Boletus Edulis mushrooms, despite the fact that there has been no rain for a long time. What will happen then in this forest when the rains come? – There will most likely be an unimaginably large number of “one-legged” ones!

And here is another one-legged forest dweller - Leccinum. Handsome! And he’s far from the only one here, as it turns out.
And there is silence all around, except for us - there are no other mushroom pickers in the forest, and only elk droppings at almost every step, which indicates that there are countless elk in this forest. In this regard, the air is teeming with moose flies, which is the only obstacle preventing the collection of mushrooms, because you constantly have to defend against them, pulling them out of your hair and from under your clothes. And they are so clingy and sneaky that neither hats nor clothes can protect you from them; they will crawl through anywhere.
Well, nothing can be done, we are hunting for “One-legged”, and at this time Elk flies are hunting for us. You have to endure it. We continue the hunt.

And here is another robust Boletus Edulis, spreading the moss with its strong muscles, proudly flaunting itself in the clearing.

The two photographs below show the same mushroom, but the first photo is a top view (from a height at eye level), and the second is a side view (close up).
Look at the first photo, the mushroom is almost invisible from above, it is difficult to notice because he blends in with his colorful environment. And looking down at your feet from above, it seems that this is just an old leaf that has fallen from a tree.
But if you still notice it, sit down and look closer, you will see that it is a young Leccinum, which is clearly visible in the second photo. Such “camouflaged” mushrooms are more difficult to find, especially when walking quickly, so some amateur mushroom pickers do not always notice them when passing by.

In any forest you can always find wonderful forms of trees. So in this case, it’s not even clear what it is, whether it’s a shrub, or whether it’s densely growing young trees. But what is unusual is that all the main stems bend down, creating an arch shape, but at the same time all the side branches extend upward. Unusual natural design. How can you not stop and take a photo here?!
Let's go further and catch the "One-Legged Ones".

And these three friendly Leccinum settled down, hiding in the blueberry thickets.

It was impossible to walk past such one-legged “Martians” without photographing them. Interesting creatures!
More photos of some mushrooms found in this area.
An interesting shot - Boletus Edulis breaks free, pushing everything in its path.
What do you think of this picture? - Forest storeroom.
Leccinum Scabrum mushrooms are usually not very photogenic, unlike their more noble counterparts, with rare exceptions - if he was born a brutal, handsome, strong man. Here is a clear example of this.
The Variegated Umbrella Mushroom (Macrolepiota Procera) is a delicious delicacy; unfortunately, it is the only mushroom of this species that we found that day. There would be such Umbrellas, yes, a basket full!

VIDEO: Picking mushrooms

To watch the video, click on the picture below, the video will open in a new window on Yandex.Zen. 


This is how the hunt for one-legged forest inhabitants turned out. We liked the forest, there are no mushroom pickers in it, but there are mushrooms. We will visit here in the future, whenever possible.

Happy hunting everyone!
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